Save up to £1,500 on Exclusive Venue Hire!

The finest weddings happen on a Saturday in the Summer, right? Not necessarily! At The Pumping House, we’ve discovered a clever little trick to securing your perfect day in the season you desire with our Wedding venue offer that could go towards a nice honeymoon upgrade!

Enter the Weekday Wedding:

You’ve imagined your big day – the dress, the bridesmaids, the guests, the food, the dancing and the oh-so-important beautiful weather. Just one slight problem – your first-choice venue, florists, caterers and suit-makers are all booked-up for years to come! What to do?

A little alternative thinking. Engaged couples generally look to Friday or Saturday for their wedding, making it near-impossible to book these times. So, consider doing things differently, with our Wedding venue offer; host your wedding on a weekday or off-peak time and it’s possible for your dream to become reality. With fewer enquiries for these dates, you’ll find your venue and suppliers are available and more favourably priced.

What’s more your big day will become an intimate occasion. Whilst more distanced invitees may be unable to make it, you’ll be left with a carefully curated list of your most cherished friends and loved-ones. Without the strain of ever-growing guest lists, your budget will stretch further, creating exceptional memories for you and your guests.

Why not even treat yourselves to an extra-indulgent honeymoon? With weekday and off-peak travel offering affordable rates, you’ll have your pick of luxury agendas.

Winter Wedding Wonderland:

The first two months of the year are often excluded from couple’s potential wedding date list. But choosing a date early in the New Year will ensure that you get all the guests you want to attend. (What else will they be up to on a Saturday in early February!?). In addition to our discount offers, local accommodation will offer better value for your far-flung guests and there is surely no better time to fly to the sun and get away from the grey UK for an unforgettable honeymoon!

Enquire today to chat to our team and discover our exceptional Wedding venue offer. Save up to £1,500 on exclusive venue hire on weekday dates year-round and selected weekends in January and February 2019 and 2020.