The Pumping House, in drink terms, is most definatly not a buck’s fizz!

There’s something about a warm summers day that just makes you want to grab an ice cold drink and soak in the warmth of the air, because lets face it, here in the uk we don’t exactly get our fair share of the worlds sun do we? As these beautiful days are set to stay a little while longer and we prepare for our upcoming summer weddings, we thought we would share a little about what we love here at The Pumping House … delivering the perfect beverages to you and guests.  We have not one, not two, but 3 bar spaces and a bar bike for good measure in order to do this.


As you can probably tell we have a love for all things drink related and if it’s a new trend or flavour, we have to be the first to try it out. Whether It stays a lasting love or just a fling….? well that would be telling!


We love a good drink, any kind of drink and just recently we have been on a Gin adventure, and oh boy it’s been a good one. Gone are the days of the old bog standard Gordons gin and Schweppes tonic, (sorry guys, but you’ll be classed as retro soon enough!)

Enter the new kids on the block…


Our Beautiful balloon glasses filled to the brim with light and crisp Bombay sapphire, following the floral factor of the botanicals through with a hint of rosemary, then adding a contrasting sharpness with fresh grapefruit and finished with one of our favourites, fentimans grapefruit tonic.


Or how about a quirky, and somewhat acquired taste of tanquary filled with the stunning Fentimans Rose Lemonade and finished with a candyfloss crown, for the princess in all of us!


And not forgetting the classic taste of Hendricks with frozen cucumber sticks, stacked with ice and dressed with bursting juniper berries.


All these unique new Gin offerings got our heads in a spin at The Pumping House HQ and with more and more brides and grooms through our doors each and every week, the more these quirky gin cocktails are at the forefront of the new aged couple’s requirements.


A modest offering of buck’s fizz just doesn’t cut it this day in age and quite honestly we love that people are experimenting with new ideas and are wanting to be a little different from the rest. Let’s face it, The Pumping House, in drink terms, is most defiantly not a buck’s fizz!


We are more a new craft gin, one of a kind. Laced with hidden delights of bursting berries and sprigs of unique garnishes, filled to the tip top with a delightful new ‘on trend’ but traditionally quirky tonic!

I’m not sure if I’m describing just a drink there… sounds pretty much like I have summed up our stunning venue in the form of a drink to me??!!

Anyway… for all that have been to visit The Pumping House, there’s one room in particular that sticks in people’s minds, maybe it’s the gin thing?


Our beautiful hidden gem of a botanical room always seems to prove a popular talking point, with its lush green foliage creating an outdoor, indoor and the note to botanicals in the form of wall art and stylish décor, this eccentric room just screams GIN!



So what else would you do in a room like this …. Well fill it with Gin of course…


And with that, the botanical room now hosts its very own gin bar!


Nestled away between the alluring decorative objects, and fitting into the styling of the room seamlessly, you will find a generous few bottles of some of our favourite gin tipples.

Our personal favourites at the moment are Tanquaray, Hendricks, larioss, and Bombay Sapphire just to name a few ( I’m sure we will be introduced to a lot more along the way) and if the gin sets the bar, the tonic must match so calling on our friends over at Fentimans was the obvious choice, they have very kindly let us try their full range, which we are still getting through, ‘hick’ and oh my it’s a whole new world, so far the Rose Lemonade and the Grapefruit tonic are in the fore front with the Ginger beer close behind, the combinations are endless and its all in the name of research I promise.


But what else does the perfect gin and tonic need, well just about anything you can think of, our gin bar is bursting with berries, lashings of limes and lemons and a sprinkling of spices all ready to be jigged about in your gin and lets not forget a helping of herbs in our mini gin garden, growing in amongst the greenery we have mint, basil and rosemary.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 19.59.22

So there you have it, a whole new world of Gin awaits you here at The Pumping House, if you would like to pop along and talk about Weddings and Gin with us ( both our favourite topics) and how it could work for your wedding or event just get in touch!

2017-05-18 The Pumping House Open Evening - 12